Friday, June 3, 2011

Aquarium Sea Turtle Release at Kiawah / VIDEO

PhotosByJeffDennis: Carteret the green sea turtle poses in front of Willie LaDue; Dawsey poses with the families that helped rescue her; two green sea turtles team up to take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean

To view more blog coverage of the Kiawah sea turtle release click here.

VideoByJeffDennis: Eight green sea turtles and Dawsey the loggerhead now reside in the Atlantic Ocean


  1. Hi, This is Audrey Smith that helped saved Dawsey.
    These photo is so cool !!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Audrey for your feedback and for making a difference for Dawsey the loggerhead!!

  3. My son was the kid holding Sandy's sign, and my niece was the girl holding Carterette's sign. Thanks for posting so we have a way to enjoy the moment! :)

  4. It takes a team of volunteers at one of these events so thanks for getting your family involved. And thanks for the positive feedback!


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