Saturday, June 11, 2011

Captured Sea Turtle is a past Aquarium patient

The Sea Turtle was caught off of Kiawah nearly one year after it was released back into the sea, just days after another sea turtle release in the same area (view video). The S.C. Aquarium had rehabilitated the very same juvenile loggerhead sea turtle at its turtle hospital, and had named it Scute! The loggerhead was found stranded in Myrtle Beach on August 24, 2009 with a rope around its neck and in an anemic state. After 8 months of care, Scute was released back into the Atlantic in a healthy state on May 1, 2010. Then in early June 2011 the SCDNR's was conducting a routine turtle trawl when the vessel Lady Lisa picked Scute up out of the open ocean. The loggerhead turtle was weighed and measured, and the comparative data revealed some positive results. Namely that Scute had gained 25-pounds and increased in length by 1.25-inches, which is equivalent to normal growth for a healthy sea turtle. Scute's data suggests that the Sea Turtle Hospital at the S.C. Aquarium is quietly compiling a record of successes that may be an important cog in the recovery and survival of the world's sea turtles.

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PhotoByJeffDennis: Dawsey the Loggerhead Sea Turtle returning to the ocean after rehab


  1. Thanks for protecting and saving that turtle. I hope many will do the same if they caught or found a turtle or any kind of marine life. Thumbs-up!


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