Thursday, June 16, 2011

S.C. Waterfowl Association - 2011 Update

Dear SCWA Supporters,
I hope everyone is having a great start to the Summer. I wanted to take a moment to provide you with an update the programs of the South Carolina Waterfowl Association.

David J Wielicki - Executive Director
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Camp Woodie Is Of To A Great Start!
Despite the high heat the kids at Camp Woodie are having a great time. Camp WoodieFour Color Camp Woodie LogoDirector Ed Paul and his staff are doing an outstanding job getting kids excited about the outdoors and wildlife conservation. Each day of camp, Ed is posting photos on Facebook. You can follow Camp Woodie on Facebook by clicking the Camp Woodie Logo. Seeing the smiling faces of the next generation of waterfowl conservationists gives me great hope for the future of our wildlife resources. If you have a child you would like to sign up for Camp Woodie there are still spaces left. Give Ed Paul a call at 803-600-8977 or email him at

Wood Duck Production ProjectWood Duck Logo
The nest box checking season is underway. SCWA waterfowl biologist Stuart Cochran and field technician Matt Huggins have started checking nest boxes. The nesting season was off to a great start with good Spring wetland conditions across the state. However, the recent high heat and dry spell could have a negative effect on late nesting and brood survival. We will keep you posted on nesting results. If you are interested in starting a wood duck nest box project give Stuart Cochran a call at 803-600-0742 or email him at

Waterfowl Population and Habitat Update
Despite our dry conditions the Prairie duck factory is enjoying near record water levels, especially in North Dakota, Southern Manitoba and Saskatchewan. In late July the US Fish and Wildife Service will publish their waterfowl breeding population and habitat survey results. I expect this year to be one of the best since the surveys began. This should result in large Fall flight of waterfowl with a liberal waterfowl season for all four flyways. The MRP Logofinal season dates will be set in late August. I look forward to keeping you posted.
The waterfowl habitat at our Wildlife Education Center is in great shape thanks to the installation of a new irrigation system. We also installed hog proof fencing to keep wild hogs from damaging our waterfowl crops in our major habitat areas. Three weeks ago we released 3,000 mallards at the Center. We are working hard with Frost Waterfowl and project cooperators across the state to release over 40,000 mallards this summer.
Chapter Banquets
Chapter Banquets are right around the corner. Our first banquet is in Columbia on Saturday, August 13 at the Medallion Center. Chairman David Stanley welcomes anyone who would like to attend or make a contribution to the event. He is always looking for more chapter committee members. David and his committee of dedicated volunteers are working hard to achieve number one chapter status for 2011.
The Summerville banquet is set for Saturday, August 27 at the Dorchester Senior Center. Larry Wells and his committee are looking forward to a great event.

For more information about upcoming events or toFour Color SCWAbecome a part of one of our committees, please visit our website!

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