Sunday, June 12, 2011

Edisto Shark Tourney yields 470-pound Hammerhead

The Inaugural EWT Thirsty Fish Shark Tournament at the dock on Big Bay Creek got off to a slammin' start when a Walterboro crew hoisted a 470-pound hammerhead shark to grab first place. Tournament Sponsor Freddy Avant of Freddy's Taxidermy in Walterboro was on the 27-foot boat when the shark was landed and said everything went right for them that morning. They got hooked up early, had a young buck on the rod, and were able to get a circle hook right in the corner of the shark's mouth. The second place went to a 220-pound Tiger shark reeled in by Barry Fontaine of Edisto Beach, who used a homemade harpoon to get the shark onboard.

To see past blog coverage of the state record lemon shark click here.

PhotosByJeffDennis: Cameron Rhodes is an undergrad student who took tissue samples and measurements for scientific studies

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