Monday, August 15, 2011

2011 Deer season OPEN; Halloween Buck story from 2010

Jerry Mixon of Islandton had never hunted white-tailed deer until last year, when he decided to bush hog a field behind his house and put out some deer corn. Using a homemade deer stand, he saw only small does throughout the season and never raised his gun. Then on Halloween, his luck got scary good, and the buck of a lifetime showed up.

“I remember it was October 31 and I was in the stand and it was getting late,” said Mixon. “I unloaded my .243 and actually moved to go down the ladder when I saw the buck’s head raise up out in the field. His head went up and down several times and I thought it was a robot deer or something. I looked with my binoculars and saw that it was a real buck.”

Mixon loaded his gun back up and put his crosshairs on the buck which was standing still, but still continuously lifting his head. “When I shot I saw the buck jump up and run off for 10 yards and then he went down in a heap,” said Mixon. “When I got down and walked over to the buck I was surprised to see what a huge rack it had. I called my wife Kathleen to bring the truck and we loaded it up.”

Driving over to see friend Everett Polk for a second opinion, Polk declared that this was a monster buck and one of the biggest around. After driving over to Risher’s Deer Processing, Mixon was greeted by a throng of hunters who clamored to see his beautiful buck. Risher’s weighed the buck at 182-pounds, it had 11 points including an 18-inch spread.

Unbelievably, this was Mixon’s first ever buck, and a dream come true! He has since had the trophy buck mounted. I stumbled upon this photo when it was posted in Buddy’s Stop and Shop on Sniders Crossroads.

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PhotoByKathleenMixon: Jerry on the tailgate with his 2010 Dream Buck

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