Thursday, August 25, 2011

Youth hunter excels at Red Bluff Lodge

Eight-year old youth hunter Latham Boone has gone back to school like all his classmates, but he has distinguished himself during the 2011 hunting season after the school day is done. Latham lives at Red Bluff Lodge, run by his Dad Jim Boone, which is located near Allendale along the Savannah River. Just three days into the hunting season Latham climbed into a deer stand and used his new rifle to make a 190-yard shot on a fine 8-point buck in velvet - way to go young man!! On the next day, August 18th Latham was able to put down a 125-pound boar with one shot that provided a clean kill. Going ahead and making the trifecta of photos, those that makes grown outdoorsman swoon for the Red Bluff Lodge and its bounty of critters, Latham happened upon a grown canebreak rattlesnake that had been killed in the road, and under the supervision of his father was able to display the fine specimen. Father and son outings are a part of our hunting heritage and Lowcountry Outdoors salutes the entire Boone family for their love of the outdoors. Furthermore, I have stayed at the Red Bluff Lodge and can report that their Lodge is both comfortable and spacious. Hunting along their Savannah River Swamp acreage is awe-inspiring and they have LOTS of uplands where the deer herd numbers are downright scary. Red Bluff Lodge also specializes in guiding your alligator hunts!!

For a past blog entry on Red Bluff Lodge and an awesome alligator photo click here.

PhotosByJimBoone: Latham with his special 8-point buck in full velvet; Latham takes down a fine boar hog too; Look what else is crawling in Latham's Land of outdoor adventure; To see another photo of Latham with a nice crappie he caught and displayed on my Savannah River Classic blog entry click here


  1. I have been hunting at RBL for the past 11 years now. I would not hunt at another camp even if it were free! Do yourself a favor and book a hunt today! The Boone family will certainly make your trip one to remember.

  2. The Boone family is not happy unless you feel like you are part of there family. If you are looking for a place to go that feels like you never left home Hunt at Red Bluff Lodge. You can ask my wife and at the time 2 yr. old son how they liked spending time at Red Bluff while I was hunting!!

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