Monday, August 1, 2011

ACE Basin film debuts

A film titled 'Common Ground' has been made about the 20-year history of the ACE Basin. A couple of special viewings have been shown already, but Lowcountry Outdoors was given a copy of the DVD for viewing.

To view my blog entry from the 20th Anniversary celebration of the ACE Basin at Willtown Bluff Plantation click here.

To view a five-minute clip from the Common Ground film click here.

MapCourtesySCDNR: The ACE Basin boundary encompasses all of the uplands that guard the water quality of the lower ACE watershed - and represents an area that needs more focus and leadership, which is one of the reasons for the formation of PL-ACE (Private Landowners of the ACE). For more information consult the PL-ACE page and to view a past blog entry about the 2009 PL-ACE meeting click here.

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