Monday, February 15, 2010

Beach Erosion at Pawley's Island

On a recent visit to the beach at Pawley's Island it appeared that a major nor'easter had scoured off the 'face' of the dunes, leaving a three to five foot steep wall where a gradual dune used to be. Many roots from sea oats were left exposed and some dunes fencing was washed away, plus an unusual amount of shells and sea life seemed to be washed up on the beach. Beach erosion during winter storms is quite normal, although this event seemed to be quite serious, with many beach paths not usable due to the steep dune facing the ocean.

PhotosByJeffDennis: A starfish is a rare find on a South Carolina beach - testment to the ocean currents that recently scoured Pawley's Island; a sand dune with damage to its fence; another dune fence washed up on a groin or partially swept out to sea; beach vitex is a new tool in the fight to protect sand dunes with vegetation

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