Friday, February 19, 2010

CCA 2nd Annual S.C. Convention BEGINS

PhotosByJeffDennis: The Lexington Chapter of CCA dresses up as 'Pedro de fisherman' and their cooking team served up tortillas stuffed with fried flounder filets and fried shrimp combined with a mango chutney sauce; The ACE Basin Chapter from Walterboro brought in some fresh coot from the marshes of the Ashepoo River for the refined diners of CCA to sample; the Cook-Off judges dined at the Columbia Chapter's 'Gator Table' while judging their roast duck and bacon wrapped dove breasts; Sands Williamson joins Chris Hawley (President of the Waccammaw Chapter of CCA) who is holding onto my English Setter named Chester and is next to Chandler Street; Micahael Smith, Tombo Millikena and Scott Whittaker represent the vanguard of the S.C. Chapter of CCA

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