Friday, July 22, 2011

2011 Chas. Harbor Tarpon Release Tourney - Capt. Mtg.

The 17th annual Charleston Harbor Tarpon Release Tournament held a Captain's meeting at the Toler's Cover marina on a warm Thursday afternoon. THIS JUST IN...... 100 anglers will be in pursuit of the silver king on Saturday July 23 - with tourney rules stating they must be fishing in Charleston County waters. Organizer Cantey Smith stresses conservation by recognizing a legal catch as when your swivel touches your rod tip, with the fish being released immediately afterwards. Anglers are not competing for a cash prize, but rather for a handsome wooden trophy and the bragging honors for a year. The rules stipulate that the first angler to report a legal catch to the committee boat is the winner, unless any angler releases multiple tarpon, then the tournament is decided by the most tarpon released by one angler. As always, any angler that kills a tarpon must eat the fish at the awards dinner on Saturday night at Toler's Cove. A special culinary dinner by Buist Rivers and Lowcountry Eats added to the fellowship.

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PhotosByJeffDennis: The 17th annual Tarpon t-shirt design; Cantey Smith with Blair Johnson and Susan Pearce at the captain's meeting; the tarpon release flag and tarpon mouth sculpture will go to the winner; Dowse Rustin is the man who will be fishing with Jennifer MacNair from the committee boat on Saturday

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