Thursday, July 28, 2011

700th post & 350,000 miles - Two special numbers

Two BIG numbers reveal the two small blessings that help me to communicate about the Lowcountry Outdoors that we all love. This is the 700th post on this blog and that spans two and a half years of delivering a positive message regarding hunting, fishing and conservation. The other number is even bigger as my work truck rolled 350,000-miles recently! The Toyota Tacoma is an older truck now but it has served this blogger well and deserves a salute. The two BIG numbers seem inextricably linked and 'if the creek don't rise' then both numbers will continue to increase naturally. Now just what does this blog entry say about the outdoors.... not all that much, except that the outdoors path is very clear to me and I will continue to follow it and I hope readers will continue with me.

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PhotosByJeffDennis: Here's a photo of the BIG number on my truck's odometer!

Here's a good photo of my truck on duty, and is from a 2008 New Year's Day man drive at a Lowcountry Plantation

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