Sunday, March 3, 2013

2013 Fly Fishing Film Tour - Charleston

F3T's Josh Stratton gets the party started

Sarah Walker ad Tanner Sutton with Free Fly apparel

What's better than one showing?  TWO!
F3T logo at Terrace Theatre
The Fly Fish Film Tour, also known as the F3T, made it's annual return to the Lowcountry on March 2. It was another sell out for the double-feature showing of fly fishing films from around the country and around the globe. F3T road manager Josh Stratton welcomed the patrons to the 5 p.m. showing, after the on-site oyster roast put on by Scotty Davis, owner of the Lowcountry Fly Shop. Inside the Terrace theatre were vendors like Free Fly clothing ad the Fiberglass Manifesto. Caroline Rhodes, owner of The Charleston Angler, was present and glad to sponsor the F3T again in 2013. Patrons received copies of the latest Stonefly magazine, and entries for the raffles during intermission including a fly rod, Costa sunglasses and fly fishing gear. The Brothers Brown opened the two-hour film festival that is billed simply as 'fishing pornography.' These three brother specialize in casting large streamers for big trout, and discussed at great length the virtues of waiting for the big one to bite. The next film, title Balckwater, documented with a driving rock'n'roll soundtrack, backcountry anglers tackling schooling golden dorado - which looked like something similar to what a Lowcountry saltwater angler might see when encountering schools of fish - something very exciting! Next up was Urban Lines, documenting D.C. flyrodders taking on stripers and shad in the Potomac River in the shadow of Reagan airport. After intermission, an educational film shared by far the most conservation info about fishing, concerning Atlantic salmon in the Penobscot River in Maine. Logging of the forest, multiple dams, and a lack of vision led to the depletion of the salmon stocks. A saltwater-oriented adventure film had the audience cheering as an intrepid group of anglers tackled backcountry tarpon, atoll flats bonefish and the elusive permit on a fly. Finally, there was a great film about BTT and their tarpon tagging efferts in Florida, very similar to the Lowcountry Tarpon tourney! Lowcountry anglers will head out to fish and film their next adventure with renewed vigor thanks to the excitement of the F3T. Good Luck Fishing!

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