Thursday, March 28, 2013

Husband and wife tag team two gobblers

Bruce and Rhonda Compton on 3/27/13
1.5-inch spurs found on the BIG BOSS TOM
The COLD and BLUSTERY winds of March 25 and 26 abated for just enough on Wednesday morning the 27th for hopeful turkey hunters to go afield. The second week of the 2013 wild turkey season has been a frigid one with sunrise temps right around freezing for five straight days - C'mon Spring! Don't forget that the area saw 4.2-inches of rain and flash flooding over the weekend to further bolster the width and depths of Lowcountry swamps. Leave it to Bruce Compton and his wife Rhonda to get out on a Wednesday morning in order to practice their mantra of Hunt Hard but Hunt Safe. By 10:30 a.m. they had slayed a pair of thunder chickens and completed a rare husband and wife turkey slam. Compton reports no gobbling activity while the birds were still in their roost trees, but by 8:30 the toms on the ground started to fire up as the sun rose higher and took the chill off the ground. Moving from their original set up location, Bruce Compton was able to harvest his bird before 9 a.m. and the tale of the tape reveals a 1.5-inch set of spurs! Woo Daddy, that would put a bunch of gamecocks to shame, not to mention a pack of two-year old toms. His bird weighed 20-pounds and sported a 10-inch bird and came from Bamberg County. It was Rhonda's turn next when she called in a fooled a boss gobbler at 10:30 a.m. that weighed 19-pounds, sported a 10-inch beard and had 1.25-inch spurs. Son B.J. Compton was at work messaging with Lowcountry Outdoors about how all the turkeys at the hunt club would be cleaned out by his parents before he could go hunting again this weekend! Not too many folks can say that about their folks, so B.J. is in a unique position and I know he cherishes them very much. Bruce Compton is a moderator on SCoutdoornews and is a volunteer for the Take One Make One program.

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Rhonda Compton is ready to fire

A stealthy hunter on pine tree slays the turkey

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