Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Prescribed Fire in March

Signage on a paved road alerts passersby
Wind can be used to keep woods smoke off roads
Well only 11 days after receiving 11 inches of rain in February, the woods are burning well again when prescribed fire is applied. Each year brings new lessons to fire managers, and the timing of rain can make a big difference. In 2013, the rains fell as the Lowcountry outdoors are heading into spring, which seems to speed up the drying process. How? With a combination of sunshine, March winds and trees drawing sap from the ground for new foliage. Sure there might be low spots where the fire does not burn hot, but the flames can 'walk' around any such roadblocks. A constant breeze, staying steady in its direction, can also help fire managers to run the fire through the woodlands. This type breeze also aids in keeping woods smoke off of nearby paved roads, which is called smoke management. Needless to say, there was not much controlled burning in February, but the good news is that the woods are burning well in March and its not to late to set the prescribed fires that are so beneficial for wildlife and our native ecosystem in general, which evolved over eons with fire as an important component.
A regular regime of fire over years is desirable

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