Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lowcountry Saltwater Fishing Report - 3/19/2013

Fishing Report for the Coastal Lowcountry of South Carolina:
A happy customer with sheepshead and tag from Capt. Mike Waller
Charleston Inshore Report: Scott Hammond at Haddrell's Point West says potential for a bountiful spring of trout fishing is coming true with customers reporting specks in the 20 to 22-inch range, which could be a sign of back-to-back mild winters. Catch numbers average 10 to 15 specks per trip and live shrimp or Trout Tricks have been the ticket lately. Redfish continue to be found in good numbers on the shallow low tide flats, and during the last new moon high tides some anglers even reported redfish tailing. Cut mullet, live minnows, Zman paddlerz and Live Target baits from Scott's store have been working over the reds. Sheepshead in the 2 to 6-pound range are still plentiful around bridges and rock piles using fiddlers and live shrimp. The nearshore reefs have started to take off with sheepshead and black drum reports, with live fiddlers being the no fail bait option. For the latest seminar information visit the Internet at Haddrell's Point. AND for those keeping track, Scott has harvested two turkeys thus far into the spring season - Congrats!!

Bart Manley at the Summerville location of The Charleston Angler reports that water temps are increasing into the high 50's and that redfish are beginning to react to the warming trend. Their schools and pods should start breaking up, and bait like mud minnows and Zman minnowz in bad shad coloration are already working well. The trout are liking Trout Tricks lure rigged on a 1/8-ounce jighead and DOA shrimp. Also, the sheepshead bite is good using clams and fiddler crabs. For all the latest seminar infomation visit the Internet at The Charleston Angler.

Hilton Head Report: Josh Boyles at Southern Drawl Outfitters reports that the redfishing has picked up after a couple of pitiful weeks. The reds are coming out of their winter time coma just a bit, but Lowcountry Outdoors tried the nearby Beaufort River on Monday and struck out! Fish mud minnows and Gulp swimming mullets for redfish. The sheepshead have been biting great but Josh relays that with the persistent cold fronts it has been a challenge to get fiddler crabs for bait, so his customers are going with Good Ole' Lowcountry Oysters on the hook!! Boyles is on the board for the HHI wahoo shootout with a 62.5-pound HOO caught on 3/18 in what he identified as a 'wad' of wahoo. For more store information visit the Internet at Southern Drawl.

Offshore Report: Bart says to concentrate around structure for blackfin tuna. If anglers are looking for mahi, push offshore around the temperature breaks in the Gulfstream. Troll different color lures until you unlock which one is working that day. Use purple and black or red and black for targeting wahoo. Remember to let extra line out on your long riggers and your center riggers because the tuna can be very boat shy.

WAAAHHHHOOOOOO! Scott says to fire up the grill, because the pelagics that yield nice wahoo steaks are hanging out in 150 to 250-feet of water, just waiting for a ride back to the docks. Despite a chill in the air yet, reports of 2 to 7 Hoo's per trip creates plenty of action to warm up anglers. Another report has blackfin tuna at the Georgetown Hole / SouthWest Banks area, with their size in the 15 to 20-pound range. Troll smaller baits WAY back off your outriggers for best success with these blackfin tuna. Spinning outfits and topwater plugs will come in handy if a school of blackfin begin busting at the surface, which can produce some electrifying action!

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