Friday, March 8, 2013

2013 Professional Outdoor Media visit Columbia, S.C.

Jim Zumbo in S.C. at POMA with Jeff Dennis

Heather Stegner and Whitney Tawney from Ducks Unlimited

The annual member conference for the Professional Outdoor Media Association, or POMA, came to Columbia on March 7 - 9. This meeting draws media pros from across the U.S. to South Carolina in 2013, as they rotate through different states every year. Why do outdoor media gather indoors for a conference? Those present are ready to accept the challenge to produce quality content focused on the outdoors and the positive message that our outdoor heritage conveys to so many Americans. POMA President Tammy Sapp of Aiken has brought together a dynamic staff of speakers to address topics like digital photography, video, TV, social media, and professional image styling. Conference sponsors will share information about their products including optics, camo, cookware and much more. The S.C. tourism folks have done a good job of welcoming these media pros to the Palmetto State, and they will make stories about their outdoor experiences here and carry them back to the readers in their home state, and on their websites. Thanks to all the conservation groups that turned up to support these outdoor media.

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