Monday, April 19, 2010

Blue Angels Performance

The commemoration of Navy week ended with the U.S. Navy Blue Angels performing two shows over the weekend above Charleston harbor. With the 2010 Air Force annual air show cancelled due to 'wartime' operations in Afghanistan, the Blue Angels returned to Charleston at a crucial time. The six jets painted in navy blue and fighter yellow roared overhead in a tight formation before breaking off with four of the planes staying tight, while the other two did various fly-by stunts, like flying upside down while they passed each other! Patriotism was on display in the hearts and minds of the viewing public, with one military veteran calling the roar of the jets 'The Sound of Freedom.' Many thanks from to all our armed forces for working to preserve our many freedoms.

PhotosByPatrickDennisJr: Saturday air show from the James Island point of view

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