Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gray's Sporting Journal - 35th Ann. Issue

This issue of Gray's Sporting Journal should be arriving at newsstands within the next few days. Besides the feature stories and photographic essays, their press release tells us that Traditions editor Will Ryan writes about "Lost Fish," wherein an accomplished young lady manages to simultaneously catch a massive muskie and artistically deflect an ardent admirer, while paddling a canoe. Arts columnist Brooke Chilvers visits watercolorist Chet Reneson in his Connecticut home, and returns with packages of venison steaks, ropes of homemade sausage, and keen insights into just what inspires one of the premier sporting painters of our day. Terry Wieland remembers a deer from November, 1975, the night the Edmund Fitzgerald went down. James R. Babb remembers 35 years ago, when the horizon seemed boundless, and he'd never heard the words monetize and fly fishing used unironically in the same sentence. A. D. Livingston studiously stirs the campfire pot. Books editor Chris Camuto reviews important new collections of fly fishing stories and perhaps the largest hunting anthology ever to achieve doorstop status, along with a remarkable newly discovered book on hunting in Finland and Russia between 1904 and 1930. And inCutthroats in Heaven , poet Robert Wrigley realizes that each fish caught represents a fish earned, by whatever measure of grace we ourselves have earned in our lives.

Maybe one day Lowcountryoutdoors will have the great honor of being a contributing writer to Gray's Sporting Journal, a magazine that really speaks to the driven gentlemen sportsmen of the world.

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