Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Velux 5 Oceans Yacht Race - Lazarus Project

Skipper Brad Van Liew of Mount Pleasant has initiated a quest to complete his third solo circumnavigation of the globe, in this years Velux 5 Ocean Race. He took ownership of a sailboat in March that has a history associated with fast travels and top finishes in past sailing contests. The race boat has been hauled out of the water in Charleston and will be conditioned and fitted with the necessary technology needed for the nine-month journey that begins in La Rochelle, France on October 17, 2010. Charleston will be the only U.S. port of call during the Velux 5 Oceans race during the spring of 2011, and the holy city will welcome the international fleet just as it did during the BOC Challenge and the Around Alone races. The sailboat will compete in the Eco 60 Class and Van Liew said, "This boat is a thoroughbred, a true racing machine because she is super light, and sports a 95-foot mast with room for more than 5000-square feet of sail." Americans, South Carolinians and Charlestonians need to support our 'hometown entry' in this global race, so for more information on Van Liew's Lazarus Project visit the Internet at

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PhotoByVanLiewVentures: Van Liew's sailboat, minus the keel and mast, goes into a hanger for refit work
PhotoProvided: a Velux 5 Oceans competitor guides his sailboat
PhotoByVanessaKauffmann: Brad Van Liew in his Around Alone gear

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